Sunday, May 17, 2009


Ella has always made us laugh when she talks. She coined our family phrase: "What the heck in the world!?"

Today I overheard her singing from the sound of music.

So long, farewell, I'll see you some, goodnight. I do, I do, to you and you and you...

Photos of us at her Kindergarten Author's Breakfast. The school year is winding did it go by so fast??

We're home

California Tallies:
TWO LAA vs. the sox games (both losses for the sox, one after 12 innings).
One unbelievable Fillet Mignon - that I couldn't finish.
Many walks by the Ocean.
One horrific plane ride to CA (don't ask!)
One wonderful flight home (thanks to a godsend of a flight agent who got us a seat for Levi)
Four mornings up between 4:30 - 5:30 a.m.
One dinner at Kari's parents - good food and lots of laughter
Lots of hours hanging, talking, laughing
One run to Trader Joes. Seems I can't live without them anywhere!
Three, maybe four cats to entertain Levi.
Lots and Lots of memories!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Headed to California today with Levi. Using airline credit to see a very good friend. We have sox/angels tickets for Thurs. Back in a few days with lots of good photos and great memories...

We did it!

We walked ALL of the 20 miles. I started, my family joined in and Steve finished it up! There ended up being buses to take us to the finish line at every checkpoint, so meeting up ended up being quite easy. The best news is that, after all the tallies are in - we collected $504 to fight hunger in Massachusetts. One of the things we liked the most about our walk is that there are signs all along the route that teach us more about Project Bread and about the work that they do. Here is what we learned...Through project Bread, $100 provides 5 families with groceries for a week! $50 buys 250 lbs of food for local soup kitchens to feed hungry people. We were shocked to realize that YOUR $500 will supply 25 families with groceries for a week OR will buy 2500lbs of food (THAT'S OVER ONE TON) for soup kitchens across MA. Great work on helping us meet and exceed our goals. Our kids are ready to walk next year and would love friends to join us! :)

We enjoyed some time on the Boston Common (including ICE CREAM) after our walk. It was a wonderful day! (And thankfully the weather was perfect!)

Also - check out the T-shirts! We got such rave reviews on them throughout the walk and after the race! Our family had a lot of fun tie dying them and adding our family logo!