Friday, April 18, 2008

She had a dream...

My 5 year old is a typically developing child in most area. She's not a virtuoso singer, or has giftedness in athletics that we can see at the moment. But she does have one trait that stands out - her sense of humor. She's funnier than most adults I know. Combine that with the filters of a 5 year old and you get conversations like this one I had with her the best of my recollection.

Setting: The car
Who: Just my daughter and I
Conversation starter: My daughter burped.

"Excuse you." I said.

She burped a second time and excused herself. "Mom!" she said. "I burped twice in this place. Did you know I dreamed of doing that!"

"What honey?" I asked, now becoming more interested in the conversation. I'm wondering if I heard her correctly.

"I always wanted to burp in this place. Two times. It's my dream."

"Really? On the bridge?" I asked wondering what "this place" was referring to...not that it mattered much.

"Yep. And now I did it" she says, quite pleased with herself.

I honestly can't believe we are having this conversation, and I'm truly enjoying it. "Honey, I'm glad you accomplished a dream. And I very glad to have been present when you attained this mark-ed moment."


"Yes honey?"

"Did you have a dream of burping two times on the bridge too?"

"No honey, I have not had that dream."

"You should mommy."

"Okay honey, I'll think about it."

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