Tuesday, December 16, 2008


That is about all I can say. Today we got a packet in the mail marked "special handling" from USCIS. I expected that we'd get our approval before Christmas, but 3 business days after our prints? All I have to say is "Merry Christmas to us!"

We received:
Notice of Favorable Disposition Concerning Application for Advance Processing of orphan Petition
Notice of Approval of Relative Immigrant Visa Petition for Kim, Jeong Wook
Standard certificate that we hear was wired to Seoul, S. Korea

That means we are DONE with paperwork and all that is left now the final medical exam and for the Korean government to issue a passport and travel visa. It could be anywhere from as soon as 7 or as many as 12 weeks from now that we receive our travel call...only time will tell. I really have NO idea why it takes so long to do those things. But, I do know that Mrs. Kim is counting down the days of her last snuggles with him - and we are counting down the days we get to hold him in our arms forever. As much as we'd like him today, we wish for this time for Mrs. Kim to be very, very sweet.

The hardest part about the process now, is that we won't receive much info until we get that travel call, which comes about 48 hours before Levi will arrive (I know - not much time to prepare!). We'll pick him up at JFK airport in NYC. Many people have asked about our travel plans. We have a temporary arrangement that includes driving with our 2 kids, but I know LOTS of people that change that when they find out the dates & times.

After the holidays, we have LOTS of work to do. We have to assemble the crib, fill in his wardrobe, install the carseat. We'll stay very busy...for a while.

I'm finally headed to bed, but I haven't been sleeping so well lately...I wonder why? :)

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trina said...

awesome, angie! its great to hear how everything is falling into place!