Saturday, September 27, 2008

Where we've come from and where we are headed...

Well, if you had any doubt that Steve and I loved each other, we now EACH of 4 - 6 page autobiographies to prove that we do! :) Here is a timeline of our process...not because you care so much, but because I want our son or daughter to be able to read the intimate details from the time we first learned that God was blessing us with a third child. You may read them too - if you'd like. :)

Sometime in the last 9 years up until 9/8/2008: we decide we want to adopt. More specifically in August and September, we did some checking around and saw that Korea seems like the right place for us. Our hearts were drawn to the Asian cultures, more specifically to China, but for various reasons, we decided not to pursue China, and instead - discovered Korea. We are THRILLED about this.
9/8: Called Love the Children Adoption agency for an application
9/11: Application arrived. We got right to work on the "list" of items they need and spent the weekend writing our life stories...really.
9/18: LTC confirmed that they received the application. I talked to the Social worker (Jean) who is a godsend, and she answered all of my many, many questions
9/26: We scheduled our home study appointment (after a return phone call because I'm schedule impaired)...and finally...
10/7, 10/9 & 10/14: Our home study.
From here on out: We estimate that we will have a referral by mid-November and have a baby HOME in the spring of 2009.

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