Sunday, March 1, 2009

Video for Levi's "Coming Home" Party

Some friends of ours are lovingly throwing a "coming home" party for Levi tonight. Well, that is, if it doesn't get cancelled because of the snow! I thought a slide show would be a nice way to introduce our son and the process to our friends at the party. So I started one in Picassa. Simultaneously, I began to research how I could download the hours of video footage we have from the last 8 years onto DVDs that could be played and saved. With the purchase of a firewire cable, I found out that it was quite easy - so my slideshow evolved into a much bigger project once I realized I might actually be able to include the video from the airport.

I wish I could tell you that I have become an expert at Windows Movie Maker with all the hours I have invested into this project, but I realized this morning that somehow in creating the DVD I have lost the content of the video on my computer. I was able to recover the content from the DVD, but as you will see, it was meant to be the start of a project, not the final result. I won't be able to edit the content of the current video without remaking it. I am thrilled however, that I didn't loose everything. This video is just under 8 minutes long. Hope you enjoy it!


trina said...

thanks so much for sharing the video, Angie! we wish we could be there to celebrate Levi's homecoming, too!!

Colleen said...

I have goosebumps all over and tears in my eyes after seeing that! Thank you for sharing!

Grace said...

i almost cry when i saw you waiting at the airport and hold Levi for the first time!!

He's soooo adorable!