Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dear Sweet Ella,

When I think of the joy that you bring our family - I'm amazed. You are unique in every way. You find delight in the smallest things, and you enjoy making us laugh. You are so special, so sure of yourself, and you have strength beyond your years. I am laughing to think about how quickly you jump to things when I ask! The energy that you had when you were little seemed exhausting. But now, it is such a blessing as I watch it shape you forever "can-do" attitude. I love that you can be "just one of the boys" and get along with 2 brothers so well. I often say that you are the perfect girl for two brothers!

I went to your Kindergarten conference back in the fall and you teacher remarked at how compassionate you are. "If anyone is in need of love from a friend" she said, "Ella is right there." I was actually a little surprised to hear this, and quite frankly, I wondered if it might be a phase or just something the teacher noticed once or twice and attributed to you. But then, I started to hear you talk about school: about how you seek out children on the playground who "don't have anyone else to play with", or how you rub your friends back when she is crying. And I realized that your teacher was right. You have amazing compassion. I see it with your friends, with animals, and now, with your little brother. If something happens to Levi that you can "fix", you are right there with the solution - A pacifier when he is sad, a cheerio when he's hungry, a kiss when he's hurting, a funny face when he's frowning. I think about how you might use this uniquness as you grow older. Will you help the poor or the needy? Will you start a program that's built around your comassion? Will you be a more compassionate mom that I am often to you or your brothers? For now, I am content to watch you grow and lean into the gift that God has given you. Don't let anyone ever tell you that you can't help because you are "just" a kid - you are an example to me my sweet baby.

For today - I'm so glad to be "the girls" of the Gerrard family with you. We love shopping. We love cooking. We love crafting together. We just love girlie things (but not too girlie!). We are now outnumbered - but I love embracing life with you. I'm praying that God would make you a woman of noble character, just as I'm praying for me. We have a long way to go (and always will!) - but I'm so glad to do it together.

I love you my darling little girl,

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