Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Hello all,

For those of you who follow...Levi is lookin' a lot better! He's back to his normal, happy self. However...the doctor has deemed antibiotics for 7 more days and more tests on Monday, April 13th. He turns one on Wed. next week! So, we are happy to get it out of the way before his birthday - but I hear the tests he's having done are not so fun. (To say the least.) We are headed to Children's Hospital in Waltham. They will do an ultrasound of the kidneys (to check for blockage), and a VCUG to check for reflux in the urinary track. I won't even pretend I know what either of those things are! However, I will keep you posted...we are hoping it was just a fluke!

On a positive note, these photos are of bulbs popping through the ground in our front yard. Dear friends of mine surprised me in the fall, and came over to plant them with hopes that by the time we saw them peeking though, we'd be loving our time with Levi as well. Don't I have the most amazing friends??

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Colleen said...

You do have amazingly sweet friends! Love to see those first signs of spring :)

I'll be keeping you guys in my prayers that all of Levi's tests go well, aren't too uncomfortable for him and that the outcome is all good.