Sunday, April 5, 2009

First, an update...

So before I can post anything fun, I should update y'all on where we've been. We've been on a remote tropic island in the Caribbean enjoying the sun and nothing but lazy days of playing and swimming.... Oh, wait. That's in my dreams. :)

We've been sick. As a mom...I'm SO tired of evaluating. (Can I get an "amen" from other moms out there?) My brain hurts from all the info swirling in my head. Is she sick enough to keep home from school? How long has this fever lasted? When did he last eat? When was the last time I gave her Motrin? How long has he napped today? Did I call the school this morning to let them know she won't be in? Sick...sick...sick.

Our biggest and most concerning illness has been with Levi. Without going into graphic detail, he's been very ill. Fevers topping at 105, vomiting, and needing us constantly to hold him, often falling asleep in our arms. To know Levi, is to know that this is very out of character for him. After 5 doctor visits in 3 days, we've learned that he has a Urinary Tract Infection. Luckily, though it appears he has a severe infection, we caught it before it spread to the blood. So - we opted to treat it from home, but it has required us to take him in to receive a series of three shots of antibiotics over 3 days in our pediatricians office. Not surprisingly, he now hates the doctor. The very sight of an exam room will send him into hysterics! And if you've never had to watch them draw blood or catheterize your infant...consider yourselves very lucky. Tomorrow we'll talk about next steps if his fever doesn't go down to normal, and also to try and discover the root of the UTI, which is uncommon in infants, particularly in boys.

So, now you know why we've been missing. On to better news...

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