Sunday, April 5, 2009


Ok, so I debated about wheter or not I should share this, but frankly, it's a very good story.

Picture this: It was a cool, rainy Saturday morning - not spectacularly awful, but we were moving slowly... It was about 8 a.m. and I had just gotten into the shower and Steve was downstairs with the three kids. I heard Levi screaming downstairs in a way that I hadn't heard him before. He tends to cry vigorously at most things, so I wasn't panicked, but decided to give the "shout out" just in case. I climb out of the shower, open the bathroom door and yell "Is everything ok?" To which my husband replied "I need help!" Uh...ok...I shut off the shower, wrap the towel tighter around me and run, soaking wet downstairs. When I find Steve and all 3 kids in the office I wonder why Levi is crying. And then I see why. His head is stuck in the elliptical. He wasn't in danger - just totally stuck with no way out. Umm...and how did this happen? Steve told me that he had been on the computer, and Ben and Levi were crawling around. Ben calmly said to Steve "Levi's head is stuck." And Levi, upon realizing that it was really stuck started freaking out. At this point I ran upstairs to put real clothes on, and when I returned, I started comforting Levi while Steve ran to get tools. Yes, tools. He was REALLY stuck. I told Steve I was going to call 911 because I wasn't sure we'd be able to get him out of this ourselves and Levi had been stuck for 10 minutes or more and was pretty frantic. When I explained to the operator what was going on I just said me might need "a little help."

Steve found the tools he needed and quickly got to work! Just as he was unscrewing the last bolt, every firetruck, ambulance, and police vehicle in metrowest pulled up to our house. No less than a dozen men in uniform came blasting in our door. Turns out you can't just ask for a "little help." (As a side note: Ben and Ella were very brave, opening the door, getting pacifiers and popsicles and remaining calm. However, the rest of their day was imaginary play involving 911 emergencies!)

Despite our obvious embarrassment, one of the men helped Steve pull apart the elliptical and Levi was free! know, a typical Saturday morning. :) Levi, I'm happy to report, is doing just fine. However, I guess that means Steve and I are out of the running for the "Parents of the Year" award. Bummer.


Sarah said...

I'm glad you had the wherewithal to put clothes on before calling 911 or else it could have been a whole other kind of embarrassing! I shouldn't be laughing at your story, but I can't help it...I'm just glad poor Levi survived. This gives high support to a former post...something about him being "determined"...I would say so!

Colleen said...

Oh my gosh, Angie! You have had quite a lot going on!! I hope Levi is feeling better soon and they get to the bottom of things with his UTI. The poor little guy. I can't imagine how awful he was feeling :(

I'm so glad you chose to share your "stuck" story. I have to tell reminded me of years ago my parents had a coffee table that had a chrome bottom and glass top. At one of my parent's annual 4th of July picnics, my cousin's daughter got her head stuck in the bottom of the table somehow. Talk about a bunch of people going into panic mode!! ( I don't recall how or who got her out, but thank god all was ok!!)

I love the new photos as well. (especially the one of Levi in his little brown onesie...he looks like he is either practicing his gymnastics or possibly his "downward dog" yoga move!!!