Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Longing for Levi

First, the good news: We were told by our agency that we could send 2 items for Levi. A soft photo album and a lovey. Pictures are attached of the lovey & the front and back of the album. Another praise - our fingerprints have been scheduled! Unfortunately, it was for Nov. 28th - the day after thanksgiving, when we will be away, so we will mail a petition to change the date tomorrow. As you can imagine, a small part of me wanted to cancel our thanksgiving plans to make the appointment, so we can bring our little Levi home sooner - but we know that a the time with our family is precious. You can pray for a speedy rescheduling.

Honestly, if you've never been there, you can't understand. Those of you who are APs or waiting parents with us - I know that you know how hard it is. We've taken turns sleeping with the lovey each night, having sweet dreams of our little Levi. I also mentioned to the kids that when we send it to Korea, it would have a little "scent" of each of us in the lovey, and that might help Levi bond with us. Ella started the sleeping process 2 nights ago. She woke up the next morning, crying, absolutely beside herself. When I asked her why, she said, sobbing... "Because...the blanet...fell...out....of my...bed...and it won't me..." (picture her SOBBING through this WHOLE thing). We figured out a solution (she is with the lovey now, but I get it before heading to bed :)!!!). But because of this, I realized that there is pain in the waiting for Ben & Ella as well. I don't feel anxious...I just miss having him here with me. I thought the holidays would distract us, but as they get closer, we wish we could be celebrating with him. Each day is precious to us. We are not wasting a minute. But - please pray that God would comfort our hearts. We long for our little Levi.


emily said...

clearly your hearts are all wide open and ready. he'll be home soon. i'm praying for your family.

Jackie said...

The same thing happened to me with the fingerprints. I was scheduled to go 11/29 and we will be on vacation that day in Disney! I had to ask to be rescheduled until after Dec 8th when we return. I was also feeling down about it, but hopefully it gets rescheduled for both of us sooner than later! I can't imagine how the wait is after seeing all those pictures of your son! I just bought a very similar photo album today for when we receive a referral :) LOVE it! Thinking of you and hoping for a very speedy fingerprinting appointment for you!

Dámaris said...

Dear Steve, your family is beautiful, we will pray for you and specially for your little baby. Love, Ariel, Dámaris, Federico & Sofía Carducci