Monday, November 3, 2008

What's the latest?? Any News??

Any word on the baby? What are the next steps? Will you hear more about him soon? When will you hear something?

We get questions like this all the time...and we never get tired of knowing that there are many, many people waiting with us. Problem is...there hasn't been much new, a lot of "nope...nothing new" or "we'll let you know." Mostly, it's hurry up and wait for us. We have all the paperwork in that we should. We should be receiving a letter in the mail soon about having our fingerprints made for the USINS paperwork. But it hasn't arrived yet.

Waiting is hard, but we are confident in this: Levi will be with us the rest of his life. So though 4 months is hard, life is very full. We will be in Philly (home of the World Series champs - congrats!) for Thanksgiving and here (hopefully with my parents) for Christmas and New Years. We have Ben's birthday (12/14) to plan and are already thinking about the Marathon, Levi's and Ella's birthdays in April! And there is all the collecting! I'm REALLY wishing I hadn't given away ALL our baby things! :) I just bought several shirts, 2 pair of pants, and a jacket for Levi today. A couple of them were 2T, so not for right away...but soon enough! Later this evening, Ben called me over to the stairs and tossed a shirt down. "What's this for?" I asked. Ben said "It's for the baby". When I questioned, he said the sleeves were too short, so he thought it was ready to pass on. I thought it was so cute that he's so excited about passing his clothes down to Levi.

Whenever people ask about how many kids I have, I can't pass up the opportunity to say "Three. An almost 8 year old, a 5 year old and we're expecting our 3rd in late Feb or Early March." If I'm feeling particularly ornery, I leave it at that! I ignore the stares at my seemingly un-pregnant belly and act as though I don't notice. :)

We are also anxiously awaiting our director, Cecelia to come back from Korea. We've been told that she'll have updated photos of Levi and a full report. She'll have visited him a couple of time while she's there. About 80% of me can't wait! I can't wait to see and hear about how big he is NOW. But the other 20% of me is sad. Sad that she is seeing him and holding him - and we are still so far away from holding him ourselves. There is already a little part of us that lives in him. We think about him every day. An ancient Chinese proverb talks of “an invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet. The thread may tangle or stretch but it will never break.” I believe that we were meant to be Levi's forever family. It's complicated to believe this, because I would have never chosen for these to be his roots or for him to have such a difficult history. I mentioned this in an earlier post, but because it rings other two children grew in my womb - Levi is growing in my heart.

We'll post photos as soon as we get them. We promise.

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trina said...

awesome. i love Ben's heart! and i love your "expecting our 3rd" answer!! that's great!