Monday, January 12, 2009

Coming clean...

So much to share with you! Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. We've had a LOT going on. First, we have battled the stomach bug. Only 2 of us so far - so we're sort of in that "jumpy" phase when anyone so much as burps. We made Ella sleep on a lower bed (she's in the top bunk) last know, just in case.

Speaking of being "jumpy" - This morning, Ben was scratching his head intensely, and just after thinking - "boy, he REALLY needs a haircut", I began wondering what was making him itch so much. I began to pick through his hair. I was certain I spotted a bug, but I couldn't find it again or anything else of concern. Though, I couldn't help but feel paranoid. So, before sending him to school, I took him to the nurse. Thanks to Nurse Gilbert, Ben is at school this morning, with nothing more than an itchy scalp. At least for now.

On the adoption front. We've been told that no news is good news. But no news is NOT easy news! :) We were giving an initial timeframe of 4 - 5 months from paperwork (10/21) to plane. That puts us in the 2/21 - 3/21 range. After jumping on blogs and adoption message boards and seeing others timeframes, I started to have a hunch that we might be at the upper end of that curve. Just a hunch, nothing definitive...but I figured that we are approaching the 1 month out mark and so we are collecting. Thanks to all the many people lending us clothes, beds, carseats, and all kinds of small baby-safe items! We will now graciously accept those things that you have offered. We feel ready to handle the "stuff" and are starting to believe we will actually need it soon. :) We have the crib set up - but it doesn't yet have a mattress, and we don't have ANY diapers or wipes, so we've still got quite a bit to do. :)

I have to admit that I think I did something illegal. Ok, not illegal like "against the law" illegal, but for a rules-follower like me, it was definitely not "official". After reading some adoption boards, and asking a few questions, I stumbled on a phone number that could answer the question if Levi's visa was issued. I debated all weekend on if I should call. Today, just before 9 a.m. I called. I'm feeling VERY guilty about it...but I'm getting over it because in the 45 seconds I was on the phone, I got word that Levi's visa cleared TODAY! Yeah! I feel great about the news, and know that all that is left is the travel plans...but don't really have a clear idea how long those will take. Some people get their travel calls within days, others in a month. But, it looks like the arrival of our son is coming upon us quickly - definitely within the timeframe we've been promised, if not before. I have to go - I have SO much to do!

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