Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ramblings (it's just the lack of sleep talking)

I almost didn't blog today. But I realized I haven't blogged in a couple of days, and people start chasing me down when I don't! :) Thanks to my friends who don't let me hide...

Sleep deprivation - isn't it amazing? Those of you who have been new parents, are new parents or are about to become new parents - repeat after me: "It's just the lack of sleep talking." Remember this Sleep deprivation can cause just about I right all of you "have been's"?? Lack of sleep has put me in the ho-hums today. It was a snow day for the kids (which I usually love), but I had to balance baby, shoveling and extensive meal-making (why do I attempt pancakes on snow days, anyway??). I felt like I worked hard and everyone was lacking. It's not true, but it's just the lack of sleep talking. Last night, Levi slept soundly until 2:30 and then was restless the rest of the night. I didn't fall asleep for several of those hours. At some point, I brought him into bed with me (I've moved back into my room - mostly to steal precious heat from my hubby who is like a furnace!), and just as I was falling asleep, I felt a strance sensation like a mouse running over me (go ahead and laugh...Steve thought that was hilarious!), but I couldn't get back to sleep thinking there might be a mouse in the bed! :) I was able to fall asleep after convincing myself "it's just the lack of sleep talking."

There are greater, more important things that are lost when you are sleep deprived. I was short with a friend today, short with my kids, intolerant of that baby-toy music played for the 4,657th time (I'm estimating), and I began to fear the worst for my youngest child. "Levi doesn't notice when I leave a room, or at least doesn't cry to get me back. Should I be worried?" (I know...MOST people would think that is a blessing!) "He's really busy and LOVES making trouble. Should I be worried for the future?" Once again, I remind myself it's just the lack of sleep talking. If these things resurface when I'm fully rested, then I will start to consider asking the right people.

10 days. That's what my social worker promises is the magic number. She tells me it has stood the test of time and that by 10 days, "their nights are nights and their days are days." Here's hoping! (We're on day #8, night #9.) She didn't promise that he'll be sleeping through the night - and I didn't ask. I really don't want to know. He'll get there.

The snow day was a gift to us as we enjoyed spending another day together. One week ago today was our first family day - it's amazing how far we've come! If you check out the pictures above, you'll see that my sweet Ella is already trying to get Levi to cooperate - but pulling on his shirt and manipulating his head! :) She's going to be a great mom - if I can just teach her the art of being gentle....

Another funny thing that Levi has started...when I am putting him to sleep at night or holding him for a nap - just as he's falling into sleep, he will reach up, grab his pacificer and throw it on the ground (even if he's in the sling!!!). Yeah, he's a pretty smart cookie! I've started to delay giving it back to him - and he starts to fuss until I eventually give it back. We play this cat & mouse game a few times until he just can't keep his eyes open any more. At thispoint I think - I won, you little stinker!" :)

Ok...sorry for the rambling it's just the lack of sleep talking. I'm going to bid good-night before I get myself into trouble! :)


trina said...

this is great! i love reading about how your family is doing. thanks!

Colleen said...

As anyone who knows me knows....I love to sleep!! Can't tell you how many times I've heard from my sleep deprived sister and friend.."you just wait!!" They know when that day comes I'm gonna be in big trouble and I think they both secretly can't wait!! I really don't know how you mom's do it. Especially with more than one child! You deserve to ramble :)