Monday, January 26, 2009

A quick update...

So, I don't have photos from today - remember how I was sending everyone back to work and school? Yeah, so it turns out that we both missed them. :) Levi was a little grumpier today since he didn't have 4 people ogling over him 24/7. And when I say "grumpier" I mean he cried, like twice. :)

We are finally, finally getting Steve's dream camera, which he'll use some for work. Ok, maybe not "dream", but it definatly the nicest camera we are likely to own, ever. It's a gift for his birthday on Saturday. It's a splurge for us, but we've been saving up for it and are looking forward to getting it very soon. It's the Nikon D60 (for all you camera geeks out there) which just means it takes really, really great photos. I look forward to posting them soon!

In other news - my good friend sleep, has returned, at least for now. I don't know if she is here to stay, but last night Levi went down at 8 and got up at 6:15 a.m. Well, he woke up twice - loud enough to get me out of bed, but I'm very, very thankful that it wasn't 10 times! Looks like the antibiotics were the right decision. Too bad all but 2 doses spilled all over the bottom of the fridge! :)

I've had a few people ask me about sleeping arrangements with Levi. I'll end with this because some of your probably don't really care (but I love you anyway!). Those of you who are interested, we pretty much took our social worker's suggestion. We have 3 bedrooms, all on the 2nd floor. Our bedroom, a "girls" room, and a "boys" room. The girls and boys room are jack 'n jill style with a door connecting them. Our kids love it. In the boys room we have bunk beds, and in the girls room we have a queen bed. The idea is that it would become the "guest room" and Ella would sleep in our room or Ben's room when we had guests...but when we had someone living with us this fall, she pretty much claimed the other bunk, in the "boys" room as "hers". So, we put the crib in the girls/guest room (I know - for our little boy) so that we could use the bed and the crib in these early days as he transitions. At first, I slept with him in the bed at night almost exclusively (for about 4 nights) and after falling off the bed after one nap (yes - you can give us our "parents of the year award" now) - we moved him to the crib (or sling) for naps. Now, he usually starts in the crib, and when he wakes I usually just transfer him from the crib to the bed because frankly, I'm very tired at that point. I do see us changing this soon, because sleeping with Levi is like sleeping with an octopus that breathes like Darth Vader all night long. :) The Darth Vader part will go with the cold - but the octopus is here for the duration!

So - that's our sleeping story. I hope it helps some of those of you who will be in our shoes very soon! We think of you all the time and are praying that your little ones will be home soon!

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Colleen said...

I found your sleeping story very interesting and helpful! :) If all goes well for my hubby and I, we will be first time parents, so we'll need all the help, info., and stories we can get!! Hope you get a good nights sleep!!