Monday, January 19, 2009

A few questions?

I've had a few questions from people that have been asked a number of to satisfy your curiosties:

Will his foster mother bring him on the plane? No, he will be brought by an escort. We don't know this person, and neither will Levi. They are hired by the agency in Korea.

What kinds of adjustments will Levi need to make when he arrives? Basically, just about everything. There is the obvious...he will be crying for his uhm-ma (foster mother) because he will be longing for her so much in the first few days. While this will be hard, we know that if he does, it means he can develop healthy attachments and our long term outlook looks good. However, we will be grieving with him and know that it will take a while before we can fill that void.

We have to make sure that he is healthy - planes carry a lot of illess, espcially under all the circumstances that Levis is undergoing.

He also is making a 14 hour time change. Holy jet lag! Our social worker warned us that it takes about 10 full days to make this adjustment.

What happens when you receive Levi? We will definately let you know when it happens and we will be taking LOTS of video, and photos, but we hear it happens FAST! Here is what we understand: The escort will hand Levi to us, and we hope to catch a quick photo, but then he/she and the greeter (from our agency) will have Steve sign the release forms to that say it was indeed, Steve and I that picked up our child. They will hand Steve all the documents (medical information, log of his last few weeks of eating, sleeping, bathing, etc.) and will give him a gift from the foster mother (a hanbok, which is the traditional Korean 1 year birthday outfit) and then the escort will be gone. Just like that. We'll pick up pretty quickly after that to head home. I hear its very, very overwhelming.

Are you excited? Of course! And nervous too. We feel like we are going on the biggest blind date of our lives and REALLY hope he likes us! :)

Can we call/stop by/email? You can call and email anytime you like. We will answer or pick up when we can. We are asking everyone hold off on visiting without calling first for a couple of weeks. We want to make sure we have enough margain to welcome Levi in our home without overwhelming him. If we find that he can tolerate visitors sooner, we'd be glad to have you. But we just won't know that until we are there. Thank you SO much for understanding. However, we can't WAIT to introduce you to him - you mean so much to us!

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