Friday, January 23, 2009

A great transition (undercover)

I promised my social worker that I wouldn't blog about this one - that I'd keep it to myself that Levi's done so amazing. She told me this isn't "normal" so she doesn't want others to expect this too or suspect that the agency has played favorites. So - just in case you know our social worker or are with our agency - you didn't hear it from me!!! Deal!? :)

Levi is progressing so well. We are humbled and amazed at how much he's thriving. He started pushing a stool - "walking" around our kitchen, squealing with delight that he can now chase around the big kids! :) He thinks he's big now too!

Eating - the kid eats anything! I love to cook - so we are a perfect match! In fact, if you're holding him at the dinner table, you'll need to watch your plate of food. He may want you, who he's sitting with - but more than likely he wants whatever you've got in front of you! He'll swipe your chicken right off the table! We're trying to hold him back, but delighted that he loves to eat! It's so much fun!

Social - We aren't trying the "outside" world for a while as we try to bond, but for us, he is the most social, happy-go-lucky kid we could have asked for! He hardly cries...really. Cecelia called this morning and talked in Korean to him. He jumped with joy to hear familiar sounds. It's only then at those times that we are keenly aware of how big of transition he's made. He adores our kids, and has started giving kises - which we, of course, love.

Dr. Appointment - By request of our agency, we took him in for an appointment with our pediatrician. They gave him his first "well baby" visit. Modified, of course, because we didn't want to strip him down in the exam room. He really doesn't like getting dressed/undressed and we figured we'd ease him into the whole doctor thing. Dr. Whitman was very understanding and did what he could...Levi tolerated a lot more than we thought. Our visit can be summed up in his final statement. "He is a true testament to a wonderful foster family. You have so much to be thankful for - he really is amazing and he comes from a very loving foster family." Cecelia reiterated that when we talked to her this morning. She told us the foster mother was probably crying, grieving the son she has lost. We prayed for her. Our hearts are broken. In order to love well, you must truly love. I don't know if I'm strong enough to do what these foster mothers do. May God give Ms. Kim peace. We are so grateful for her, and it is reflected in how well our son is doing.

Sleep - Okay, so there has to be something not going perfectly, right? :) He HATES naps. Kicks, fights, screams, and REFUSES to take a nap! This from a kid that hardly cries during the day! He cries out for omma (his foster mom), and I think he misses her in the nighttime (I really get that!) Yesterday, he only had 1 morning nap of about an hour and I put him down to bed just before 7 pm. Of course - he was awake from about 4 - 5:30 a.m. So tonight, despite the 45 minute nap today (and despite our futile attempts at a second one), we held him off until 8 pm to go to bed. He was SOO tired, and we still can't get over how happy he is without much nap! (I know...I'll pause here why you feel really sorry for us!) On to night...well, he's still waking up at night and again, asking for omma. We're just rolling with it...he's got a lot of grieving to do and we just want to be patient with him.

We are in awe of this little one. He truly has been a wonderful addition to our family in every way. I can't stop crying as I think about the what-ifs surrounding our decision to adopt. God spoke very loudly to us (I'll blog about that sometime), and I'm just really, really thankful. I think Ben said it best tonight "Mom - Levi's not adopted anymore! He's ours!" I didn't bother explaining that adopted IS ours. I knew what he meant, and he is right.

If you click on the photo below, you can see more pictures from our day (added to the arrival pictures).
Levi's arrival


Anonymous said...

Ang, I can't help but checking a few times a day to see if you have given any updates. Thank you, when you do post I can't get through them without crying.

emily said...

i love what ben said... i made it all the way through this post without crying, until i read his words. i know EXACTLY what he meant, too, and i never could have said it as beautifully. thank God. for so many. for ms. kim, and for levi's birth mother, and for you, angie, his mama, forever.

Fishin' Family said...

I love BEN!! Man, that kid is as deep as they get! He is going to be a GREAT Big Brother! Love the link to the photos as well... What a happy family! l
Love you all,
Shel, Dan and Abbie...
PS: SHE CAN'T WAIT TO MEET LEVI... pss: she lost her front tooth... finally!

Colleen said...

It is such a joy reading how things are going day to day. I couldn't be happier for you that so far the transition is going so well. You all look so happy!!